the ‘lyons’ behind the lines

Hi, I’m Dawn Lyons. It will seem cliche for me to say, “I love words,” but it’s quite simply the truth. Whether on a page, on a screen or being spoken, I believe in the power of words to evoke our other senses and elicit a response. From novel to poem; from blog post to advertisement and beyond, It’s a question of weaving together those words — and not just any words, but the right words — into something creative that isn’t just understood, but that is felt by the person who reads it.

‘Let’s talk CREDENTIALS’

I moved beyond winning writing contests in elementary and high school, to earning a BA in English from Western University, to studying graduate-level Journalism and Public Relations. I married this education and and word-appreciation together and, eventually, Lines by Lyons hit the ‘interwebs.’ Since then, I have wrangled words to weave sales, marketing and exposure masterpieces for a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations and clients across a broad range of industries to create advertising copy, marketing materials and website content. From a national hardware store chain to advertising agencies, from celebrities to entrepreneurs and from public to private sector, I’ve helped clients across North America build businesses, generate followers, increase sales and even publish books!

I’ve also been a contributing writer for a variety of magazines and newspapers. Check out some of those publications and some selected clients. (I can’t list all of them, as much of my work is performed under non-disclosure agreements.)

‘let’s get personal’

I’m completely outnumbered at home by my three boys and my husband. Despite not having any girls, I’m not the only one in the house with this crazy curly hair, thanks to my youngest son. If I had more free time, I would be able to get through the tall stack of books on my night table and bookshelf I call “my reading list.” I love Batman – and bats (they’re great survivors).

I believe that Love is greater than Everything, and it is all we need.

I volunteer with the Optimist Club of Bryanston-Birr, and at my sons’ elementary school. Having lost my mother (when I was 31 and newly married) to cancer and my father (when I was 17 and in high school) to a heart attack, I’m a former member of the Family and Patient Advisory Committee for the London Regional Cancer Centre, and I support the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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