Content Creation Consortium

If you have a business, you know you need to create content.

But how?

Content for the web, for social media, for newsletters, copy for marketing material… It’s so overwhelming!

I have news for you: It doesn’t have to be this way! (Did you know you can take one thought and turn it into a blog post, part of your newsletter, multiple social media posts and use it to generate new connections and possible joint venture opportunities? It’s true…and I’m going to show you how!)

As someone who has written content (and copy) for websites, marketing material and social media posts for…well, many (ahem!) years, I encounter business owners (like you!) all the time who say they are just overwhelmed with trying to write ads and blog posts and pick the right words and do it in a way that connects with their audience…the list goes on and on. Sound familiar?

So, I created the Content Creation Consortium. It’s a 12-week program (with a full year of support) that lets you create your own content (and copy) under the guidance of a professional writer and editor (that’s me!). We will work together to create those blogs (or, if you like video, vlogs), those social media posts, your product or service ads and descriptions, AND figure out when (and how!) to schedule all of those posts!

We’ll work one-on-one to figure out what’s best for YOU and YOUR business, to increase your visibility (online AND off), generate more leads and…bingo!…land more clients! Video lessons and assignments will have you creating in no time, and working toward having files full of created content weeks and months in advance of your schedule, which will free up your time to work IN your business and serve your clients. You’ll be able to get support and feedback on your topics, points, quotes and posts from others in the group (who will keep you accountable, too).

The best part? You can write completely stress-free, knowing that you have access to my editing services –at no additional charge– for a full year. That’s ONE YEAR OF EDITING SERVICES for anything you create – additional blogs, ads, brochures, newsletters, social media posts, new website copy, course content – I’ll edit and revise them to be sure they are authentically ‘you,’ professionally polished, and work to create the connection you need with your target audience.

REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED. But never fear — JUMP ON THE WAIT LIST so you’ll be first in line when this program is offered again.

Who Is This For?

Small business owners/entrepreneurs who:

  • want to create a full year of professional content (and copy) to promote and grow their business — in just 3 months;
  • hate writing, or are confident in their ability to write but don’t know how to nail down sensible, cohesive content or sales copy;
  • feel like they just don’t have time to ‘get it all done’
  • want to figure out how to make the ever-elusive editorial calendar, get ahead with it, stick to it, and have the time and resources (and lack of stress) to add-in extras when life and business tosses a little extra-shareable-something their way;
  • wants their content to be authentic to them and their business (not cookie-cutter);
  • needs the execution of the ideas and the plan, not just idea generation;
  • is prepared to be open to the process and do the work (knowing an editor has their back!);
  • will benefit from having accountability
  • need to use blogs, newsletters, posts for social media, postcard ads or brochures, event ads, email responders, product and service descriptions, webpages and other wordy collateral to grow their business


What’s Included?
  • 3 one-on-one strategy and planning, Q&A calls with me (1 per month, and 1 scheduled a few months after the end of the 3 months, to make sure you’re staying on track)
  • Weekly video lessons, prompts and assignments, plus tips & tricks for creating your content AND for getting the most value from it
  • You’ll learn how to create an editorial calendar for a complete year, how to create (and source, and source-to-create) content, as well as how to turn that one idea into a blog post, newsletter, multiple social media posts and possible joint venture/partner/appearance opportunities (I mentioned that before)
  • Membership in a private Facebook group of likeminded business owners where support and feedback will be provided, networks will grow, and you’ll be held accountable for creating your best content
  • 1 complete year of editing services for any of the content you create (no extra charge)
  • Continued support for any questions or problems that arise during the year
  • Lifetime access to the course material and the Facebook group

BONUSES! You’ll also receive the Quick Content Generator that teaches you how to create a week (or more!) of engagement-generating content at no extra cost! ($47 value).  AND, you’ll receive my 3 Case Study Package — 3 professionally written case studies provided in three different formats, plus testimonials – also at no extra cost. (This is a ridiculous value, as this package is currently priced at $997. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal!)

DON’T DELAY! If you know this is the answer you’re looking for to help you create your own content and marketing material, and you can feel the stress receding from your shoulders just thinking about how nice it will be to have your content WRITTEN and your posts SCHEDULED so you don’t have to THINK about it or stress about it (or avoid it) – grab your spot right now!


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Questions? Send an e-mail request!