Healing Writes

You’ve always felt you should write, could write, would write — if you just knew how. 

Then those words, those thoughts, those feelings could get out of wherever it is they sit inside you, waiting to poke your mind, your memory, your gut, your senses and at inopportune times (at work, in the supermarket, in the middle of the night).

You believe in the power words have to affect us — to connect us, to move us, to change us, and even to help heal us — and you know that power is something you don’t just need to read, but you need to create yourself. It may be just for you personally, or it may be to share with others who could benefit from your words, your experiences, your thoughts.

But how do you write? How do you get started? How do you keep it up? (And, what do you do with it?) 

Creating your writing practice and finding the writing process that works for you is almost like a rite of passage that brings you and your words to the page. Whether you want to write fiction, non-fiction, poetry or something else (we’ll address different types of writing in the course), this course will help you finally get things written!

That’s where Healing Writes begins — at the intersection of “I need to figure out how to do this” and “I just want to finally write.”

You’re ready. Your words are ready. Set them free!


Over the next four months, we’ll quench your thirst to write. You’ll receive:

  • Video lessons with steps to implement to get you started writing, and help you continue to write until it becomes part of your lifestyle (you’ll get writing right away…we won’t wait until “things” are in place).
  • Weekly Q&A sessions.
  • Processes and systems to help make your writing practice suit you.
  • Prompts and idea generation to help you when you’re stuck (and other tips to cure “writer’s block”).
  • Membership in a completely private Facebook group for support, accountability, and sharing of work (the sharing part is not required, but encouraged – more on that in the course).
  • Information regarding publishing, platforms and ways to share your words on a larger scale (when you’re ready, of course).
  • Access to professional editing of your work so it’s polished and ready to be shared, published or submitted…whichever route you plan to take once you realize how much value your words carry.


  • This is not a course in journalling. If journalling is the method of writing you wish to use during the course, that’s fine, but this is not instruction in how to journal.
  • A “creative writing course” that focuses on mechanics like use of similes, metaphors, oxymorons and the like. We focus on getting your words, whatever those need to be, on the page (although we will discuss writing quality).
  • An essay-writing course (although if personal essays are what you want to write, you can).
  • Your high school English class (or mandatory University English/Arts class).

This is for you if you’ve dabbled in writing, but stopped. Irf you’ve only thought about writing, but have never tried it. If you write occasionally, but need to write on a regular basis. If you know that words have the power to heal others, and to heal yourself. If you know you have words, stories, experiences and thoughts that need to be set free.

Stop waiting! Register now, and finally start writing your heart out.

Course starts November 1st!