Hi, I’m Dawn.

I know it’s cliche to start with “I love words” or “I’m a word nerd” — but both things are true.

Words are powerful. Whether I’m writing something from scratch, or polishing up what someone else has written, it’s my job to find the right words and link them together in a way that grabs the reader’s attention, keeps them connected and inspires action.

Everyone needs to use words — the right words — to promote their business and generate sales, but not everyone can weave words into those compelling stories. That’s where I come in. A professional (and properly trained) writer, editor and journalist (with an advertising background), I help business owners and organizations stop stressing about that blank page by creating content that tells their unique stories, in their unique voice. The result? It increases their website’s search ranking, they gain followers, and those followers become customers, clients or donors (cha-ching!).

From blog posts, to case studies, to newsletters, to email campaigns and beyond, I find just the right combination of words to convey knowledge, expertise, solutions and experiences. Words have an impact: they move us, they change us. They are powerful.

Let me put those powerful words to work for you.

Find out how.

What about the poetry and lyrics, you ask? Go, check that out.