Build your success by sharing your client’s success stories.

You know how much value there is in a referral. Someone had a great experience working with you, or using your products; they share that story with a friend, who then becomes your next client. If only that happened all the time…right?

That’s the power of quality case studies. They share the experience someone has had with your products or services using factual storytelling. The reader is able to identify with the need for the product or service, seeing themselves in the same or a similar situation that they want to change or resolve. They then are able to see that you have that solution.

You can use well-researched and professionally written case studies in a number of ways:

  • Share parts of the stories in videos and/or blog posts
  • Use on your website (in full, in part, or using snippets as testimonials)
  • Use in your newsletters and email marketing campaigns
  • Create social media posts using quotes or snippets
  • Use in press releases or media kits
  • Use during sales talks or presentations

The value is never-ending. One story can lead to multiple prospects, creating new clients with new stories to connect with more people you can help with your products or services. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in or what type of product or service you offer — case studies will work for you!

But it’s about more than asking them about their experience. Their story needs to be told the right way, with the right words and the right structure and the right timing to generate recognition and that “ah ha!” moment that makes the reader realize you’re exactly what they’ve been looking for — they finally have the solution (psst: it’s your products or services!).

“What’s the process,” you ask? Here’s the low-down:

  1. You identify the subjects of the case study. (They need to agree to be a case study for you, of course. Names can be changed or omitted for anonymity if preferred.)
  2. You provide me their contact information, and I schedule a time to speak with them. I put my interview skills to work to pull out the golden nuggets from their experience(s), as well as the “behind the scenes” information that is required to make the best connection with others who need what you offer.
  3. I write the case study three ways: a long version, a summary version, and a single paragraph. I also pull out 3-5 “snippets” you can use as testimonials. (I may need to contact the subject of the study, or you — or both — during this time with follow-up questions).
  4. I send you the completed case studies that you can then use to market your business. (If any revisions are required, I complete them within 48 hours of the request, upon consultation with you and, if required, the subject of the case study.) Once complete, you’ll have a cue of fresh testimonials and content at your fingertips! These case studies will be so compelling, you’ll want to buy from yourself!

Case studies are available in packages of 3, 5 and 8 AT INTRODUCTORY PRICING FOR A LIMITED TIME. 

Don’t worry if you don’t think you have that many clients who will offer a case study for you (or you just haven’t worked with many clients…yet). You can “bank” the studies purchased and use when you’re ready and have a client whose story you want to share. Purchased cases studies NEVER expire. So you can buy five now, have two written, and have three in the “bank” for next year when you have new subjects and new successes to demonstrate.

Your client’s success story = your success story.  Share it with others who need what only you can give them. Right now.

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