Editing Services

editing services

Make sure your copy and content connects, creates engagement, and generates sales.

Writing an e-book? A course? A work of fiction? You’ll want to make sure those words are just as engaging and informative, while achieving the desired goal of the project.

No matter what you’re writing, you’ll want it to be free of pesky typos, misspellings, ambiguous text and other embarrassing things that create a sense of unprofessionalism, will turn away potential buyers, and will make any editor file your submission in their recycle bin.


My rates are packaged per hour for complete editing and proofreading (I very rarely ever “just proofread” something without finding something else that requires revision, like word selection, sentence structure, continuity and flow of the piece, ambiguities, etc. The packaged hours allow for no worries about how many words are in your document, or what is considered “a page,” and lets you send whatever you need edited as you need it.

How much can I complete in an hour? It varies, depending on the type of project, the amount of research involved, amount of corrections required, and other factors. Email me and we can chat about your needs. 

Time Banks* of 5 hours ($300)12 hours ($650 – save $70), and 20 hours ($1,000 – save $200) are available.




*time banked is active for 12 months from the date of purchase, expiring 365 days after payment has been received.